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Daphnis Labs in Delhi is a Laravel development company that aims at providing customized framework development solutions for different businesses around the globe. We create Laravel that provides PHP with a clean and classy web development framework while at the same time helps developers from complicated coding. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi understand every aspect of the project and discover how methods that can add value to your business operations. Our skilled developers aim at creating the Laravel Framework that takes your business to the next level at least cost in India.

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Koel is a web based personal audio streaming application which uses VueJS on the client side and Laravel on the server side.

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CachetHQ is an open source status page system for everyone. Some of the features of Cachet include a sweet design utilizing Bootstrap, a fully integrated translation system, a nice JSON API.

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Flarum is a nice build of software for forum discussions. It has a Two-Pane Interface, Infinite Scrolling, Floating Composer.

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October CMS is a Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. It’s branded as simple, modern, universal, extendable, fun to use, reliable, and easy to learn.

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Need an administrative interface for your Laravel application? Then you need to check out Voyager, the missing Laravel Admin.

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Ready to use JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel & Lumen – get it from Github.

Having Difficulties with Laravel Development? We got your solution! Ask the experts at Daphnis Labs.

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Template Tool

Laravel has a pre-installed powerful template engine, that helps developers in making some extraordinary and lightweight layouts with intensive content seeding. All the templates are designed with unique services along with simplified layouts which make it easy to develop and fuction.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel is the best framework to use for your web apps development. It ensures better performance, enhances clarity and allows for better documentation. It makes it easy to switch the template and the codes. In other words, it’s built-in features ease the overall process.

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Php web development services company

Multi-Lingual App Creator

Apart from all the other features that Laravel’s development framework provide, application of multi-lingual apps is one of them. It is indeed the right option for businesses who want to expand their reach across different countries with different languages. Laravel framework helps create your web apps easily and quickly for different languages.

SQL Security

Laravel helps to secure the web application against the most serious security risks: SQL injection. By protecting web apps from cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting Laravel itself is secure. The codebase of this framework is guarded, and that the code has been safeguard by several people.

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Our experienced and creative Laravel framework developers provide you with the best web application apps for different businesses. We create highly secure, reliable, and scalable framework solutions to enhance and boost your business value and improve the brand. Our professional team of developers in India strive to develop unique solutions to develop your decentralized application to succeed among your competitors. Lavarel framework developed by our team of skilled developers in India are highly secure and offer minimum chances of fraudulent activities.

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