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We at Daphnis Labs assure that our Augmented reality game developers with us in Delhi will help you create immense gaming experience and will be solely responsible to accomplish your task in the best possible time and cost. We provide opportunities for companies all over India and abroad to explore the possibilities of this interdisciplinary field with our skilled team of Augmented reality game developers. Augmented reality Games hold immense potential to create ground-breaking experiences in gaming and entertainment and with our known expertise in Delhi and vicinity, this experience could be many fold. Our Ar game developers in Delhi thrive to use our expertise and creative solutions that will lay the groundwork for any augmented reality projects you would like to build with.

Companies who have built their games
using AR

AR game development company

Pokémon GO, an interactive mobile game that uses your GPS data to show Pokémon hidden in your current location

AR game development service india

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based augmented reality game inspired by the Harry Potter franchise.

Augmented reality game development service company

Bring dinosaurs to life in Jurassic World Alive! Dinosaurs have returned and roaming free in your world in this brand new AR game.

Game development company

King of Pool With AR, you can spawn a life sized table on any surface with stunning 3D graphics to enjoy a pool game anywhere anytime.

AR game development company

Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and the Blues to save the stolen eggs in Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, a stunning mobile AR game.

AR game development service india

"BECOME A GHOSTBUSTER" and save the world from these evil spirits in this new AR game know as Ghostbuster World

We match stack and expertise to revolutionize the Gaming Industry with Augmented Reality in India.

Game development company

Specialized in UI/UX design

Our team of most innovative and creative Augmented reality game developers in India led to the quick adoption of immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and creating games at affordable rates and timely delivery in India. With best UI/UX design practices with the best AR development company, we establish the relationship between Real and Virtual object pictures which is crucial for AR experience.

Customized easy Augmentation

We as the best AR game development company in India aims to provide secured services and high-end apps to our customers in India and abroad and believe in creating AR games with customized innovative and creative solutions and to deliver them effortlessly. We create a crisp realistic environment and customized according to our clients with our best model artist in Delhi to provide a seamless experience.

AR game development company
AR game development service india

A dedicated team of developers

We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi have expertise in creating tangible sensory experiences — like touch, push, speed, etc. Industry best AR solutions. We always ensure bringing innovative and creative solutions for all augmented reality mobile game development projects we receive. Also, Our team of Augmented reality game developers in India employs strong knowledge and enormous experience in developing industry scale Augmented reality games.

Best Technology

We got the best AR developers around India and will provide branded AR experiences that will adhere not just to current technology but also they keep a track of the upcoming technologies. We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi use the best of available techs such as computer vision, geo-location, simultaneous localization, and depth tracking among many others to create the game you wish.

Augmented reality game development service company
Game development company


We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi try to deliver top quality Augmented reality games that are best suited for all the platforms such as iOS, Android, PC, etc. Daphnis has an expert team of Augmented reality game developers in India with extensive knowledge and experience in building cross-platform and robust games based on Augmented reality containing excellent features.

Crisp Realistic Environment

We have the best and experienced team of augmented reality game developers in India. We possess a mixture of skills and expertise to create a mind-blowing realistic environment in all the games we create. We develop the unmatched user experience and step your AR game experience many folds with our crisp realistic environments.

AR game development company
AR game development service india

Best Model artists

We at Daphnis Labs are always keen to choose the best developers in India to assure the development of the best Augmented reality games for our clients. We have the best 3D model artist, augmented reality developers, and graphic designers from India on board to add realistic and seamless game experience into the play for our clients.

Futuristic approach

Being an agency creating top-notch Augmented reality games in India, we aim to meet the latest trends and industry, requirements in India and abroad. Every stage of the development process, from proof of concept to technical support, is another step for level‑upping your gaming experience.

Augmented reality game development service company

We at Daphnis Labs in Delhi understand almost every top major brand in the face of the world today has started using Augmented Reality and thus we are in the way of creating revolutionized games in this immersive technology. Our team of skilled Augmented reality game developers in India will assure the use of the best available technology all over the world to superimpose a computer-generated image atop physical surfaces or objects in the real world and give unmatched experience when viewed by the user through a smartphone, tablet, etc. Our experienced developers’ team in Delhi possesses a mixture of skills, including 3D modeling, computer vision, and imaging expertise, along with a deep understanding of existing mobile technologies that can be leveraged to create Augmented reality-based games across multiple platforms and across India.

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