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Grooming industry has so far been away from much of the technological pivot. It is always a hassle for someone to get a one stop solution for grooming needs whether its ordering products related to grooming, booking appointment with a salon or discovering salons or relevant vendors for the required needs. With Swagger we are looking to utilize the smartphone in creating a platform o provide the necessary things in a single product. catering to male, female and kids services.

Collecting the data and delivering it across the board, making sure the appointment booking engine is real time as well as to the point when it comes to multiple bookings. using data science to predict and suggest the best salons around, to any user whether based on their search history, gender, location and other search parameters.


Making a UI adherent to unique requirements of the user and making sure the AI is suggesting the vendors as per the need of the user in most precise manner as possible. We did various user trials to see if the desired grooming/beauty suggestions were received. Usage of neural networks to determine the chain effect when it comes to grooming was exploited to achieve the best results possible.


Usage of Scrum based project management and pair programming helped us to overcome the technical hurdles faced during the development of the product. We carefully used dat science and made neural networks amongst the user nodes which will automatically replicate based on user behavior and analyzes the desired result. The data analytics department was key help in this and the wholesome credit is to be given to them to create the DFD and schema required for this.


Following pair based programming and scrum based project management helped us in achieving the mammoth tasks of creating the platform and its underlying data analytics engine. Regular code reviews results in a superb product, apt in functionalities and user interface.

Tech Stack

We offered End to end development services to swagger. Along with this we work with them as an extended tech team to help them maintain their platform for all the day to day complexities. Our Data analytics team is involved with them in supporting swagger in business intelligence and other required data intelligence tasks.

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