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  Creating Britain's biggest Make-up artist and salon discovery platform based on P2P paradigm  


Discovery of services has always been a hassle, and it is fueled by the fact that its a highly unorganized and disperse industry with barely any standardization apart from exhibitionist winning the toll. Disrupting and creating a shift was the main aim behind the project.

Creation of vendor application, user application and that too catering to various categories like spa, salon, tattoo, nail art, etc. These are further divided into a huge amount of sub-categories and service lists. Making it a challenging task, then came the inventory and booking engine on a single platform to cater each and every vendor.


Using industry data and user feedback to create a design pixel perfect for each perspective user, understanding the target market, user groups, age, gender and other user demographics like interests, location, income, community, race, smartphone dependency, literacy, education, marital status, etc. The analytics department helped in creating a great strategic plan which in turn helped in creating a superb product and a superb platform.


We crated a vendor app, a user app and a dashboard for the admin plus marketing team. together this solved the hassle of manual intervention by upto 88%. Helping the team and the perspective user base to a great extent.


The product's beta testing was overwhelming success with as much of 9 out of 10 users liking to UI/UX and the flow of booking app and the vendor app. Usage of Best hybrid technologies proved interesting and helpful part for us as the iterations took the least time, post the mvp approval we moved to full blown development of in native technologies.

Tech Stack

Our data analytics team was engaged with them from start for market research, then data consolidation and later in go-to market strategies. Our development team is involved with mvp development, complete platform development and regular maintenance on daily basis with dedicated resources deployed on request.

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