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  Transforming insurance in the emerging markets starting with an easy to use mobile app  


Emerging markets have billions of people who wake up everyday worried about the risks they face, with the help of vishwaskavach we are bringing insurance as an exciting product for the emerging customer, providing a real value. bringing the future of insurance for micro sized assets.

Understanding the requirement and hashing it down into simple UX for the rural and emerging customer considering a mass use of the interface by non IT-enabled consumers. Creation of app for the lowest performing devices.


The design team crafted finest possible UX, tailored for the rural background supporting hyper local linguistic features. Research on channel development and optimization was implemented which resulted in business outcome, operational and customer satisfaction.


Catering the semi-literate population and making an interface which has a physiological shift of its own, but the design team helped in creating the best interface that could be achieved using the resources in hand. Further our data analytics department helped in a greater deal to scrape all the data to carefully act and iterate as required.


Reaching the solution in least possible time with tiniest memory footprint created a great impact in achieving the defined goals. In spite of significant interest in mobile insurance, actual usage has been low. the push to adapt mobile insurance may need substantial structured efforts, considering the limited number of interactions between insurers and consumers. But the mvp for this project crossed all hopes and helped us carve a great plan for the upcoming releases.

Tech Stack

We offered end to end development and design research services along with expertise of the data analytics department. Crafting a superb MVP and spot on launch of the end product.

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