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Every year, the pre-launch hype of an iOS device says a lot about how the world anticipates the range of Apple devices. We at Daphnis Labs  believe that along with the hype, it is imperative to forge new and updated iOS solutions to keep up with the change. We, as a iOS app development company in Delhi, understand how important it is to adapt and evolve according to the trends, and that is what makes us unique.Our company offers tailored mobile app solutions for ultimate user experience that leave a lasting impression on the customers; hence allowing you to expand your customer base and retain it at the same time.


We could be telling you many things about how and what our iOS application developers do differently. Maybe even give you few examples for the same. But we like to keep it simple; our iOS apps development services bring out the best in your idea, with the help of an unparalleled strategy and a plethora of present-day tools to go with it.

We hold the reputation of one of the most valued iOS apps development companies in Delhi. Some of the languages and tools we use to create the best iOS apps are Xcode, Objective C, Swift 4, C++, Javascript, HTML5, Ruby and more, for superior iOS apps development. But it is not the number of tools we use that we call our strength, it is our experience in using a suitable tool for each unit of your iOS app to chisel it to perfection.


The Salient Features of our IOS application Development are:

  • True optimization for each Ios devices :

  • Track the execution of each client activity, session and finger-swipe continuously. Recognize and tackle issues quick and keep all your application store surveys five-star.

    • Track your application's reaction times and advance execution.
    • Get speedy understanding into application mistakes and effortlessly segregate the main driver
    • See how great or awful execution of an application influences all that really matters of your business
    • Utilize gadget driven information to perceive how your application is acting at the gadget level with use measurements including database, CPU and memory.
    • End-to-end User Interaction Traces give you perceivability into singular occasions, and show you precisely where you have to streamline your application.
    • Screen cross-generational execution for iPhones, iPads and iPods, and think about various working frameworks and bearer systems.

  • Agile methodology in development :

  • Scrum is a lightweight agile task administration system with expansive pertinence for overseeing and controlling iterative and incremental activities of various kinds. Scrum has collected expanding fame in the nimble programming advancement network because of its straightforwardness, demonstrated efficiency, and capacity to go about as a wrapper for different designing practices advanced by other deft procedures. With Scrum approach, the "Item Owner" works intimately with the group to recognize and organize framework usefulness in type of an "Item Backlog". The Product Backlog comprises of highlights, bug fixes, non-practical prerequisites, and so forth - whatever should be done keeping in mind the end goal to effectively convey a working programming framework. With needs determined by the Product Owner, cross-practical groups gauge and join to convey "possibly shippable additions" of programming amid progressive Sprints, ordinarily enduring 30 days. Once a Sprint's Product Backlog is submitted, no extra usefulness can be added to the Sprint aside from by the group. Once a Sprint has been conveyed, the Product Backlog is investigated and reprioritized, if vital, and the following arrangement of usefulness is chosen for the following Sprint.

  • Hand picked Ios SDk tools :

  • In general, a software development kit (SDK) comprises of apparatuses utilized for creating applications for a specific stage. A SDK incorporates an application programming interface (API), which fills in as a connection between programming applications and the stage they keep running on. APIs can be worked from numerous points of view and incorporate supportive programming libraries and different apparatuses.

    software development kits might be authorized by the product supplier. They are commonly made to help with stage particular advancement that goes ahead outside of a given organization, for instance, when singular designers submit applications or instruments to be utilized with a specific stage.

    The iOS SDK goes back to 2007 when Steve Jobs declared the advancement of this asset in 2008. The iPhone SDK gives apparatuses to Apple's touchscreen interface and for its exclusive iOS working framework, which is utilized to run Apple's iPhones and in addition Apple's other cell phones, for example, the iPad.

  • Impeccable functionality :
  • Impressive UI and UX :

  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are the two indistinguishable sides of a solitary coin. While an all around composed and sorted out interface addresses clients' eyes, in the meantime an enlightening and organized look and feel increased client encounter giving them a chance to invest more energy in that specific page. So an in a perfect world outlined UI/UX is fundamental for expanded time of maintenance.

    While it involves client fascination and commitment, for small screened mobile applications, an exceedingly powerful UI/UX Design is to a great degree basic. UI edifies the look and execution of your application and then again UX centers around client encounter addressing developing convenience issues. Discussing the look and auxiliary appearance of an application; hostage shading components, finger well disposed UI components, text dimension and hues adds excitement and stylishness to your application being fundamental. A professionally composed UI/UX not simply pulls clients but rather get back most ideal ROI. Subsequently, significance of ui and ux configuration in developing applications must give broad arrangement of easy to understand highlights tuned with cell phone ease of use.

  • Testing to the core :

  • Over the most recent couple of years, testing of mobile application has turned out to be critical and a state of worry for the application designers.

    On the off chance that the application testing is done in an appropriate way, the quantity of bugs can be fundamentally diminished and separated from that, legitimate mobile application testing gives you a chance to recognize the bugs comfortable phase of the improvement lifecycle.

    This spares your application the notoriety available, and makes it conceivable to succeed and achieve your business objective. Daphnis Labs develops applications that are morely well known for their performance.

      Different types of Mobile Applications Testing are :
    • Unit Testing
    • Functional & Acceptance Testing
    • Performance Testing


    We have a long list of successful and happy clients in almost all sectors.


You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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