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  Creating a simple yet powerful application for business travelers  


Business travelers are the biggest revenue generating segment for most of the industry verticals like airlines, hotels, travel agents, cab services, etc. Somehow the business travelers are always presented with a complex feature list, and in the limelight we forget to have a simple solution to every problem of theirs.

Creating a very simple application with to the point limited features for regular business travelers, features like setting up reminder taking care of different time zone was the main focus area.


The UI/UX team took a very conventional approach to make a simple to the point UI which is self-intuitive and requires least or no learning curve. Keeping the crucial tasks at hand. The Design team presented with the required UI in stipulated time.


We created a very simple UI and still kept the application feature rich, taking care of requirement and time-line.


The app was easy for the perspective users to understand with almost no learning curve at all. We had a list of features jam packed in a small app, like setting reminder at any global time from any country in the world, getting updated business and financial news, searching for any country and get the basic essential information, setting local reminder in seconds and access to world map reference.

Tech Stack

We worked on the iOS application and the designing phase of the product since the internal team was capable of android version release. Along with this the regular support and maintenance and support of the iOS platform is our the responsibility of our iOS department.

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