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  Creating India's most widely used Fee payment platform with easiest interface possible  


While India has a bloat of applications and services offering fee payment along with host of other payment services confusing the consumer and creating a mess of the whole payment pleasure, we are keeping our goal to create a holistic one stop platform for the parent's and student guardian's to pay fees and utilize other education related services, keeping the clutter of mobile recharge and irrelevant things away. Making the smartphone truly useful

Creating a platform is a constant firefighting also it is added by the fact that the UX should be self-intuitive enough to display all the necessary features of the platform, in our case creating a platform which is comfortable for both tech-savvy users and newbies.

Another challenge is a fin-tech platform is security, firm enough to make the users trust it at all times

Vendor side platform required to show necessary information to the school, e-commerce partners and other education related service partners.


Crafting unique UX was taken by the Design department, post this we hacked the vendor panel together with the delivery team to figure out the perfect simple to use vendor panel. A vendor panel is spot on but having too many feature irritates the user and not giving much control also makes it difficult for some vendors to perform necessary tasks. Crafting the best of both worlds is a critical asset for the product, since deriving goodwill of the vendors is as important as user-base of a certain product.


We Used agile methodology along with rapidly prototyping and taking feedback from the existing user base to create value driven methods to execute and release the platform in defined time-line.


Use of pomodoro techniques helped us achieve the test-driven development(TDD). Usage of disciplines like software quality assurance(SQA) made us achieve the goals which sometimes get difficult to cross the project management phase. This made us reduce the management time and pressure and focus on time-line and delivery.

Tech Stack

We offered End to end development services to feeontime. Along with this we work with them as an extended tech team to help them maintain their platform for all the day to day complexities. Our Marketing and Data analytics team is involved with them is supporting feeontime on their respective capabilities.

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