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  Taking a successful offline business online with the help of E-commerce and other avenues  


Expansion of the current business using commerce over the Internet. Enabling the existing workforce to successfully integrate with tools and utilities so they can adapt with the online trade and commerce practices. Doing the paradigm shift along with taking care of successful sales to encourage the sales division.

Indexing the current data and existing market, identifying the new avenues possible. Reacting carefully and smartly to the abundant of demographic data available. Defining the niche markets to target and helping the respective product distributors and dealers in the existing sale channels.


The design team crafted a to the point UX and backed it with the company's theme. Creating a user friendly as well as trust generating interface with sole focus on new business strategies and strategical e-commerce fusion. Making a spot on tech with not least possible memory footprint.


The iOS and Android apps were spot on as required by the team, having an easy interface for the end user, sales chain, supply chain and the admin alike. Taking care of suppliers(distributors and dealers), customers, sales chain, supply department and manufacturers proved as in the end everybody was able to migrate from the offline cycle to the online business support.


We used scrum management technique and extreme programming techniques with modules split into sprints helping achieve the required results with timely feedback from every aspect of the product user. The feedbacks helped the tech and product team iterate as required. Making a holistic experience for all the users around.

Tech Stack

The product team crafted whole path for the development and design, carefully making sure the feedback was implemented and acted upon. The Analytics Department helped in churning the existing data available with the client, making a large pool of data to be understand with just a couple of graphs, understanding of trends and off-premise sales cycle. Migration strategies from offline to online were crafted with segmentation of the craft to achieve the required results.

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