How VR can Change the world :

VR is a new means of audiovisual communication for us. The term ‘Virtual Reality’ was coined by Jaron Lanier in 1987 during a period of intense research activity into this form of technology.

Now day’s people are moving from reality to Virtual reality with help of VR, it is helping people to take their mind from the real world to Virtual. With the help of VR we can see anything at our place.Its mission is to sell the idea of entry into three-dimensional computer generated an environment where the experience is so surprising that it cuts our minds to believe that this virtual world is really Reality.

Its ultimate goal is to allow us to experience the senses we could never experience in our daily lives.VR will transform the world and bring about a monumental change in the way of buying and experiencing the web.With massive adoption through platforms such as HTC Vive, Oculus, VR Playstation and cardboard, companies and customers have already begun to turn to augmented reality and virtual platforms.

Some of the ways How VR can change the world are listed below :


1.Much of the real estate industry and remodeling industry are founded on the need for conceptualization. Virtual Reality will increase the ease of conceptualization. Imagine being able to tour a property or redesign a room and walk around it completely in VR.

2.Another way that virtual reality is set to change the world is through experiential marketing in the digital realm. While experiential marketing might apply to more real-world applications, in the virtual world, we can experience realistic situations in VR digital realms.

3.VR provides players with an entirely new and improved gaming experience.They are no longer confined to sitting in front of a screen and controlling their  character using just hands. Instead, users feel as though the game is all around you, resulting in a more immersive and personal experience.

4.Virtual Reality is greatly changing rehabilitation. For people who have suffered from a brain injury or a stroke, time is valuable. The sooner a patient can start rehabilitation, the better chances are for recovering lost functions.  VR is playing a huge roll in medical training and rehabilitation.

5.IMAX theatres are taking in the idea of VR to upgrade the cinematic experience. Movie premiere virtual reality hubs are in the works. On top of that, VR cinemas are being established, where you can sit in a room with relaxing chairs while the head mount displays take the viewer to  an awe-inspiring virtual reality world.

That’s because virtual reality is bringing forth a vast array of exciting options and experiences that are applicable in our daily lives, not only through education and work, but also for destinations we may never be able to experience otherwise. This is a technology that will not to be short lived or just another trend. Virtual reality is changing our world, constantly molding to fit society and give people limitless opportunities. Are you ready for what’s to come?

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