Efficient Software Development Methodologies based on project types:

Software development methodologies play a important part of developing the software.Unfortunately due to lack of quantified data and comparisons among methodologies, selecting a software development method is more like joining a cult than a technical decision.Some methods work best for small applications and small teams; others work well for large systems and large teams; some work well for complex embedded applications; some work well for high-speed web development; some work well for high-security military applications. How is it possible to select the best methodology for specific projects? Is one methodology enough, or should companies utilize several based on the kinds of projects they need to develop?



This article will be devoted to the popular approaches in software development.

Here are the list of top software development methodologies :

1.Waterfall Method :

The Waterfall model is a sequential development approach, in which development is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through several phases such as analysis, software requirements ,software design , testing , integration , deployment and maintenance. This method is linear and rigid in nature which makes it easy to understand. This method save significant amount of time.

2. Prototype Methodology :

The  methodology allows developers to create only the prototype of the solution to demonstrate its functionality to the clients and make necessary modifications before developing the actual application. The best feature of this software development methodologies is that it solves many issues which often occur in other methods.This method significantly reduces the risk of failure, as potential risks can be identified in early stage and moderation steps can be taken quickly.

 3.Agile Software Development Methodology :

Agile Software Development is used to design a disciplined software management process  which also allows some frequent alteration in the development project. This is a type of methodology which needs  one conceptual framework for undertaking various software engineering projects. It is used to minimize risk by developing software in short time boxes which are called iterations that generally last for one week to one month.This method has an adaptive approach.

4.Rapid Application Development :

Rapid application development  is a condensed development process that produces a high quality system with low investment costs. It is an effective methodology to provide much quicker development and higher-quality results. The main objective of this methodology is to accelerate the entire software development process. The goal is easily achievable because it allows active user participation in the development process.This methodology encourages customer feedback which always provides improvement scope for any software development project.

5.Spiral Methodology :

The Spiral Model is a sophisticated model that focuses on early identification and reduction of project risks. In this software development methodology, developers start on a small scale then explores the risks involved in the project, makes a plan to handle the risks, and finally decides whether to take the next step of the project to do the next iteration of the spiral. The success of any Spiral Life cycle Model depends on the reliable, attentive, and knowledgeable management of the project. It has high amount of risk analysis.  

6.Scrum :

The Scrum Development Methodology  is suited for development projects that are rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements. Its model begins with a brief planning, meeting and concludes with a final review. This development methodology is used for speedy development of software which includes a series of iterations to create required software. It is an ideal methodology because it easily brings on track even the slowest progressing projects. It can be applied to nearly any project.


7.Extreme Programming Methodology :

Extreme Programming Methodology is also known as XP methodology and is used for creating software within a very unstable environment. It allows greater flexibility within the modeling process. The main goal of this XP model is to lower the cost of software requirements. It is quite common in the XP model that the cost of changing the requirements on later stage in the project can be very high. This method emphasis on customer involvement and is consistent with most modern development method .

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How Predictive Analytics can help banking institutions

In today’s competitive world, growing customer base and satisfying them is considered the most challenging task. They demand on being treated as individuals and not as a general lot. To get over this, banks have been implementing various tools over time. But important issues like ensuring long-term loyalty from high-valued customers, retaining and attracting different types of customers or cross-selling of which products exactly to whom, fraud detection, application screening, credit and collections has always been an area of concern. Predictive Analytics comes into the picture here. It helps banks to fetch the relevant data of customers, identify fraudulent activities, helps in application screening, capture relationships between predicted and explanatory variables from past happenings and uses it to predict future outcomes.

But in order to discover the set of critical success factors that will help banks reach their strategic goals, they need to move beyond standard business reporting and sales forecasting. By applying data mining and predictive analytics to extract actionable intelligent insights and quantifiable predictions, banks can gain insights that encompass all types of customer behavior, including channel transactions, account opening and closing, default, fraud and customer departure.

Here are the  ways in which predictive analytics is helping the banking sector.

  1. Through Analytics one can recognize unobvious frauds and then to analyze it further predictive analytics is used.  

2.Through predictive analysis one can help across huge volumes of applications, without  excluding important variables, without delays or errors, without growing tired- all of it with regularity and steadiness in banking sector and its results are very much authentic and accurate to be used.

3.Through Predictive analytics it is easier for banks to instantly identify the customer base can further expand by acquiring the right type of customer and also helped in the process for optimized targeting.

4.Predictive analytics helps examine customers’ usage, spending, and other behavior and leads to effective cross-selling of the right product at the right time.


5.Banks can track the past usage patterns and the daily coordination between the in- and out- payments at their branches and ATM’s , through predictive analytics , hence predicting the future needs of their potential customers .

6. By providing an insight into customer behavior and attitudes, and a complete, current view of your customers, analytics help marketers to plan marketing campaigns and programs and monitor the results closely. Also it will help your marketing team deliver the right message at the right time to the right customers.

Banks are realizing the importance of analytics and data-savvy competitors like Amazon and American Express are sure to push banks to get better at customer analytics, it’s just a matter of time.

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6 Must read blogs for android Developers

Daphnis Labs - The best android app development company

Daphnis Labs - The best android app development company


Software development is an ever evolving task with iterative process, a developer needs to collaborate and learn with/from other developers to exist in the world as top of the line developer. I am myself is a firm believer of this quote by Louis Pasteur “knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world” . So here I am writing this article to present some of the best blogs(as per my personal usage and other relevant sources) on Android app Development. Without much ado! let’s dive into the same.


Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#1 The Official Android Developers blog

Official is the way to go, both the official android developer blog and the documentation is the best resource around, what can be better than learning from the creators. A nice part about official android blog is the Android Developer stories, where google highlights some of the most unusual projects being built on android platform



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#2 Android Hive

Its a great resource and offer topic-wise distribution for most of the android modules, it is maintained by Ravi Tamada and offers full source code of the projects they discuss.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#3 Android Authority

It has good expert tips, news, how-to guides and offers  comprehensive platform for most of the android developers out there, they have an active and helpful forum, where you can get information about various topics and tasks as required.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#4 Vogella

You might have come across this website during some of your searches already, this is a very resourceful portal with a to the point solution solving platform, not just android development, but it also offers details on other topics such as Git, Implementation support and database management.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#5 Android weekly

A great curation platform, it is not a blog but rather a newsletter service and aims to share best blogs and other articles on android development. Its a must subscribe for android developers of all skill levels



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company#6 Android Arsenal

A categories Directory for libraries and tools on android. Makes it easy for anyone to search for and find the required android library with minimum of time. A must place to visit when searching the required library/tool of your need.



Hoping you find these resources helpful in your development journey, wishing you great app development.

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