Unity is a wonderful game engine which simplifies making a game by its own inbuilt feature-list. If you have a little experience in programming, you can start easily with unity. I assume you have unity set up already. Here are some steps for you to follow.


  • Learn C# basics . There are 2 more language except C# : Boo and Java Script. I would recommend C# cause of its flexibility and extra features. You can google for C# basic knowledge.
  • After that when you have a good knowledge with C# basics (OOPS basically) just open Unity  and learn about its Editor . Complete all the videos and know about every little details and shortcut as they are time saver.
  • Once you have a grip on Editor just ready yourself for some Scripting  knowledge. These video will help you to understand the scripting functionality , important methods used in unity.
  • Now its time for action . I would recommend to go through these topics:
  1. Creating a 2D game with Unity

  2. Make A 2D Video Game with Unity

  3. Unity 4.3 2D Tutorial: Getting Started

  4. For more tutorials you can check this link . It has a updated tutorial list regarding 2D or 3D development.Happy Gaming, Cheers 🙂


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