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Software development is an ever evolving task with iterative process, a developer needs to collaborate and learn with/from other developers to exist in the world as top of the line developer. I am myself is a firm believer of this quote by Louis Pasteur “knowledge belongs to humanity and is the torch which illuminates the world” . So here I am writing this article to present some of the best blogs(as per my personal usage and other relevant sources) on Android app Development. Without much ado! let’s dive into the same.


Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#1 The Official Android Developers blog

Official is the way to go, both the official android developer blog and the documentation is the best resource around, what can be better than learning from the creators. A nice part about official android blog is the Android Developer stories, where google highlights some of the most unusual projects being built on android platform



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#2 Android Hive

Its a great resource and offer topic-wise distribution for most of the android modules, it is maintained by Ravi Tamada and offers full source code of the projects they discuss.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#3 Android Authority

It has good expert tips, news, how-to guides and offers  comprehensive platform for most of the android developers out there, they have an active and helpful forum, where you can get information about various topics and tasks as required.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#4 Vogella

You might have come across this website during some of your searches already, this is a very resourceful portal with a to the point solution solving platform, not just android development, but it also offers details on other topics such as Git, Implementation support and database management.



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company

#5 Android weekly

A great curation platform, it is not a blog but rather a newsletter service and aims to share best blogs and other articles on android development. Its a must subscribe for android developers of all skill levels



Daphnis Labs: Product Development company#6 Android Arsenal

A categories Directory for libraries and tools on android. Makes it easy for anyone to search for and find the required android library with minimum of time. A must place to visit when searching the required library/tool of your need.



Hoping you find these resources helpful in your development journey, wishing you great app development.

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