Beginning in Unity

Unity is a wonderful game engine which simplifies making a game by its own inbuilt feature-list. If you have a little experience in programming, you can start easily with unity. I assume you have unity set up already. Here are some steps for you to follow.


  • Learn C# basics . There are 2 more language except C# : Boo and Java Script. I would recommend C# cause of its flexibility and extra features. You can google for C# basic knowledge.
  • After that when you have a good knowledge with C# basics (OOPS basically) just open Unity  and learn about its Editor . Complete all the videos and know about every little details and shortcut as they are time saver.
  • Once you have a grip on Editor just ready yourself for some Scripting  knowledge. These video will help you to understand the scripting functionality , important methods used in unity.
  • Now its time for action . I would recommend to go through these topics:
  1. Creating a 2D game with Unity

  2. Make A 2D Video Game with Unity

  3. Unity 4.3 2D Tutorial: Getting Started

  4. For more tutorials you can check this link . It has a updated tutorial list regarding 2D or 3D development.Happy Gaming, Cheers :)


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Enjoying New Delhi Rains! – Time to work outside :)

green computer

Since a month New Delhi was burning with ~45 °C (113 °F). Finally monsoon has bestowed upon all, What a relief, really. No sun outside today to suck the energy out of us, time to enjoy the Haze(sic).

weather report

Well as a susceptibility, everyone in the team got inspired to make a niche rain inspired game, turning our evening schedule to a Rain inspired hackathon or should I call rainathon :P

Enjoy the weather

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Who What Why ???

Who we are? What we are? Why we are?

Wait buddy, we are coming to it. We are startup and started off in October with a team of 4 into the field of Apps and since then we have not looked back, really we mean it! As we were progressing in our journey we moved to Gaming and suddenly our passion met it’s destiny and we decided to evolve into a game development Studio. We got shifted to new workplace and decided to focus all are energy, time and learning to Game Development.

We are Crazy, mad, pot-smokers to the core, yes we mean it. Hardwork is our Daily dose and yes we mean it. We stayed silent since, but now it is time to break the silence and let the world know about our awesome rocking adventurous day-to day life and our quest to be to create the next gaming sensation!

We are heck of passionate about games any day whether day or night you will see any of our team member making games or playing games! Booze is mandatory with every task of ours!

We are a team of 5 and counting…Wanna know more or just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you and about you and maybe share a drink or two! Just drop us a mail at


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First Post!!!

f9dff38b5d921c6f756100380ecef4b8_1365545986_cropped-520x245Hey there!

Welcome to the First post of Daphnis Labs, your next door Indie gaming Studio. We are based out of beautiful city New Delhi the heart of India! If you happen to be around New Delhi, do care to drop by in our little working space, do bring some booze along!

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