Cross Platform Application Development

With the escalation of mobile platforms, the cumulative costs involved in maintaining and building, native and unique solutions  have escalated to a great extent. Hence,building them as cross platform application is the latest trend for mobile apps for various market and business needs with considerable reduction in cost and effort. Daphnis Labs has the best cross platform mobile app development team, providing cross platform apps for all the leading mobile operating systems including ios, android, Blackberry OS and Windows Phone.


Cross platform apps are not recommended for all types of applications, especially some high-end games or scalable visually rich consumer apps. Daphnis Labs will understand your requirement and suggest whether cross platform apps are best for your business or not.

Given the numerous inherent benefits and drawbacks of cross platform app development, it is quite imperative to invest in the right development partner to unlock all the advantages. We are  best-in-class provider of cross platform mobile apps development.


We have the experience for creating and developing outstanding cross platform mobile applications by employing diverse frameworks like Rhomobile, Appcelerator Titanium, MoSync, WidgetsPad, HTML5, etc. The outstanding features of these technologies provide an advanced functionality to the app while enhancing its business value. We also provide a mechanism to make website responsive hence rendering them perfectly for all screen sizes, be it mobiles, tablets or laptops.


The Cross platform mobile application developed by us offers following benefits :


  • Better user experience in terms of functionality, improved usability and interactive designs.
  • Iterative design and development of apps through Scrum and Extreme programming Methodologies.
  • Beautiful, usable, real-world apps
  • Great Performance with superfast response time
  • Post development support through your preferred communication medium
  • Assured customer satisfaction and continuous improvement for all your apps


We have build the most innovative cross platform mobile applications for several categories and industries including travel, music & video, news, entertainment, photography, e-commerce etc with the best team of developers and web experts.

Most importantly, when discussing models and little plain-basic applications, designers can make utilization of any structure they definitely know or utilize the elective they think will be quicker or simpler with satisfactory outcomes. In this manner, how about we concur on center around enormous generation applications with huge usefulness, where the distinctions matter.

We can state there are a lot of cross platform frameworks out there, each with their advantages and disadvantages, however the business and the information is obviously demonstrating to us a pattern where we can pick the most "compelling" or the ones undertakings are presently considering for the advancement of their creation applications. Those two must be React Native and Flutter.


    React Native is a Cross Platform pseudo-local system created and kept up by Facebook. It depends on ReactJS and obviously makes utilization of JSX (a cross breed among Javascript and HTML).

    From its starting, React Native has been a blast and numerous organizations and devs confided in it with their tasks. Since very nearly 70% of all product engineers know Javascript and a comparative number know ReactJS, RN's notoriety is nothing unexpected. Between its stars we can find that it encourages the utilization of outline frameworks, and keeping up nuclear arranged segments crosswise over web and versatile stages, and it has a few libraries that upgrade this ability.

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    React Native additionally endeavors to regard Android and iOS particular outline specs, with the goal that its segments order to local segments and show all things considered on every one of them. Obviously, this just applies when utilizing those default segments or some other that are actualized distinctively on the two stages. Obviously, this brings a disadvantage which powers most applications to add changes for some, things to avert highlights to break on one stage or the other. We can likewise say it permits the utilization of stage particular code, making utilization of local modules for both Android and iOS apps.

    React Native is correct now the unmistakable pioneer when discussing network and generation encounter, this conveys more organizations to confide in it for their tasks. As tooling, devs utilize the most widely recognized word processors or IDEs like VS Code and Atom. The bundle make respond local application and Expo enable you to get up and running quick and dispose of the vast majority of the setup work.


    we begin with a couple of words about Flutter. It is a cutting edge, receptive structure, made by Google for advancement of mobile applications that work on both Android and iOS. Because of good advancement amid the keep going I/O Conference, it's getting increasingly prevalent. We had an opportunity to get acquainted with it when it was still in beta.

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    To make a Flutter application, you need to utilize the Dart programming dialect. It's an advanced and sort safe programming dialect, which is appropriate to receptive programming. It is like numerous famous dialects like Java, C# et cetera. Both Flutter and Dart are anything but difficult to learn, notwithstanding for apprentices. Ripple applications can be produced in Android Studio, Intellij IDEA or Visual Studio, so every engineer can pick their most loved IDE. Vacillate has a great deal of focal points. The principle one is that a considerable measure of code can be shared between stages - engineers don't need to compose any stage particular code. The manner in which designs are made in Flutter may be not extremely instinctive, which may back off advancement at the specific start. Be that as it may, after some time spent programming, it gets less demanding rapidly. The structure's ideal incorporation with IntelliJ IDEA can likewise be exceptionally useful.

    Also, in spite of the fact that designers utilize similar gadgets on the two stages, Flutter deals with appropriately showing stage particular gadgets, as various parchment conduct on every stage. That is the reason applications worked in Flutter truly look like local ones.


You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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