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Today’s world is full of smartphones powered by the android operating systems. So, for personal and industrial benefits, there is an increasing need for the frequent android apps development. Daphnis labs aims on the best android application development services as it is in high demand these days and required by most of the customers.


As the android mobile applications are more complex these days so they require right tools, expertise, and experience to develop a high quality application. We use latest robust technology that allows the development of your mobile application for all platforms using agile development method. This method provides our engineers who are android application developers to develop the mobile application for all platforms quickly, hence saving time and money. Our team is very experienced and proficient to handle any of your android projects.


We have developed popular applications in many sectors and categories and these are listed below:


  • Educational android apps :
  • So, here are the main features of educational apps, but don’t forget that you always can create something new and innovative:

    • Integration with social networks
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Videos and live streams
    • Surveys and tests
    • Multilanguage
    • Cloud integration
    • Progress tracking and achievements
  • Business android apps :

  • Android is an open source mobile working framework with colossal client base and rearranged mobile application improvement process. Organizations are using this stage and making custom mobile applications that takes care of client issues and increase esteem for their business. Android application is a standout amongst the most well known patterns which are rising nowadays with a great speed. The essential explanation for android improvement notoriety is that the product advancement has turned out to be substantially less demanding and has prompt development of some great applications.

  • Fitness and health android apps :

  • Another cutting edge incline is obviously the utilization of versatile applications – there are a great many them for any conceivable part of your life you can just envision. Innovation improves numerous things and simpler. Games are no special case. Applications and cell phones have turned into a colossal piece of the present games culture, and wearables are having an incredible effect also, increasing increasingly prevalence every year.

    Before we dive into all the colossal things about wellness applications, how about we take a gander at the historical backdrop of this industry. At the point when Google made its Google Health benefit in 2008, it appeared to be extremely encouraging. In the event that it were propelled today, it would most likely gain notoriety, yet once upon a time it was unpopular to the point that the organization was compelled to relinquish the undertaking in 2011. For what reason did Google Health come up short notwithstanding every one of the potential outcomes it displayed? Daphnis also made a Health & Fitness App

    The reason is likely that in 2011 wellbeing wasn't such a mainstream point. The overall population didn't think it was fascinating. In any case, everything changed in 2014, when the wellness business took a huge jump. What was the purpose behind this extreme change? Wearables, obviously. Wearables promptly turned into a pattern, and as should be obvious, their ubiquity keeps on expanding get your Health & fitness Application made from Top Mobile Application Development Company

  • Shopping android apps:

  • You shop. Enough said. Everybody does. It doesn't make a difference your identity, however eventually in your week, you will shop. You may need to surge out of the workplace and get a clothing rundown of IT supplies. You may be the assigned staff part to refill the network ice chest. You may have been told by the spouse or husband to get the elements for supper in transit home. You will shop. On the off chance that you happen to hold the intensity of versatility in the palm of your hand, you'll shop brilliant. How would you do that? You can handle the errand in two diverse ways:

    • Snatch a Post-it and scribble down what you have to get (and where from)
    • Open up a shopping application and enter what you require

  • Lock and travel android apps :

  • Today mobile applications have turned into a basic piece of each business, travel and tourism isn't exemption of this. Truth be told, mobile application advancement assumes a vital part in the movement business today. mobile applications make it simple and quick to speak with movement organizations, book tickets, book rooms and scan for good arrangements. The utilization of mobile applications for voyaging will increment and keep on evolving in the coming days.

    Notwithstanding size and class, all movement organizations and visit administrators make their own travel applications to make the correct courses of action for voyagers, and they offer rebates and different offices too.

  • Social android apps :

  • Visit clients of online life applications know the addictive intensity of these stages – a notice cautioning you to another Snapchat or Instagram devotee can quickly draw your consideration, regardless of what you're doing.

    It's nothing unexpected that internet based life applications command cell phone clients' opportunity. About 40% of cell phone proprietors say they every now and again utilize online life applications. This is right around 4x more than gaming applications and correspondence/informing applications, which tie for second place at 10% each.

    Online networking applications are propensity framing, with the plan of highlights, for example, push warnings, sustaining this compulsion.

    Over 30% of internet based life application clients (34%) say they utilize web-based social networking applications similarly for the duration of the day, rather than essentially toward the beginning of the day, evening, or night.

  • eCommerce android apps

  • The plans of action have changed significantly from the old trade framework to coordinate offering and to internet business stages with the appearance of mechanical advancements. With an ever increasing number of utilizations being coordinated into the PDAs, their ubiquity has been regularly rising. Online business applications now never again require a PC to perform and the simplicity of shopping has cleared approach to improvement of devoted mobile applications for business.

    Mobile applications serve something other than business for web based business industry. Without a doubt, the M-business will change the way the world shops in future. Most firms have thought that it was helpful to have a devoted application for portable stage for consumer loyalty and also expanded business. All things considered, the advantages can go past minor shopping ease. Get a E-commerce Mobile Application made from Daphnis Labs

  • Financial and money management apps

  • The app revolution is here. I hardly see anyone going to a mall to buy a laptop or the latest phone. We as customers have evolved, who refuse to wait in long queues and want things right here right now. We are juggling too many tasks at hand to meet our daily deadlines for our simple living. The launch of the app era has brought a welcome advancement in our busy world. This change slowly has helped us to be on our toes and ahead of our peers in some way or the other.


With a unique view-point for every application and target-user we develop apps that generate business for our client. Daphnis Labs serves’ as one-stop mobile company for apps consultation, discovery, design, deployment, development, maintenance support and apps marketing.Our app development team ensures right and smooth mobile solution for the customers.


You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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You can also reach us at: +91-9560870329 or +1(917)636-4947

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